About YORK:Moments

YORK:Moments is a collaborative multimedia project using video, photography and public outreach to collect, document and share stories relating to Edmonton’s historic York Hotel. The project hopes to create conversations around shared history, housing, heritage buildings, community, neglect, responsibility, and resilience.


Image # EA-624-6, courtesy of the City of Edmonton Archives

YORK:Moments expresses a shift in our focus toward the reclamation and redemption of the lost stories and history of the York Hotel and the community associated with it.

As Artists in Residence for the Quarters Arts Society at Boyle Street Plaza, we will be collecting personal stories, heritage documents, and images pertaining to the York Hotel that once occupied the empty lot at 96th street and 104th avenue. These  materials will be combined with the photos we created in the York Hotel shortly before it was demolished, and will form the basis of a new collection of work in various media to be presented at Boyle Street Plaza over the coming several months (2015). The work will be developed in stages, and with the input and assistance of many people.

It is the goal of the project to initiate and develop a dialogue with former residents and other community members, and to gather the neighbourhood stories and memories of  the landmark/eyesore/meeting place/ home that was the York Hotel.


Image # EA-33-1, courtesy of the City of Edmonton Archives

YORK:Moments brings our work back to the community, as a gift of sorts: we hope to contribute to  new conversations about place, home, history, and community. To this end, we will be working with a heritage practitioner and other community contacts to find ways to record, preserve, and share the history of the Hotel and the larger community surrounding it.


This project would not be possible without the support of many people and organizations; it’s a growing family and community that we will continue to acknowledge as it develops over the course of this project.

To begin, however, we would like to  note that this project is supported by the Edmonton Heritage Council , Edmonton Arts Council, and Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our gratitude to the Quarters Arts Society and the Boyle Street Community League for their continued support in making the vision of YORK:Moments a reality.

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