About Sydney and Marian

Artist Statement – Sydney Lancaster

My work is concerned with the intersection and friction between personal and public narratives of place and identity. I am interested in tracing the connections between physical objects, the landscapes in which they are found, and the various “maps” of meaning conjured by these (sometimes arbitrary) situations. What is left out is as important as what is chosen: we  construct reality and identity for ourselves and others through relationships with and between objects, images, words, actions and the workings and edits of memory. I employ mixed-media assemblage, gel transfer printing, photography, installation and sculpture to reassemble and question these relationships, and to create space to reflect upon the assumptions and conventions underlying the construction and interpretation of lived experience. Specifically, I want to examine how we ‘map’ our sense of place, security, and belonging – or lack of it.


Artist Statement – Marian Switzer

My work is an investigation of notions of ‘truth’ through the filters of time, place, and presence. I use primarily film-based photographic processes, in order to exploit the limitations inherent to the media; images can only be altered so much in the darkroom, and this at least partially constrains the photographer’s ability to manipulate the viewer’s subjective response.  I feel I have a responsibility to capture a moment in time and preserve it as honestly as possible.  The photograph thus serves as an artifact that references a set of presences – objects, people, places – that existed but can never exist again in precisely the same way. This opens up the potential for multiple ‘readings’ of  the photograph and its content on the part of  the viewer, and allows for the exposure and exploration of varying degrees and types of “truth” in each image.



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