Vintage Edmonton

The more I dig into the history of the Boyle Street and the city in general the more fascinated I become.

Came across this lovely blog today:


Some great old adverts here … snippets of things I remember my father speaking about, or that I remember. Now Lost.

The Pantages Theatre.

The Dreamland.

Mikes News.


And here too, how much remains the same – the price of oil in the paper, being just one thing.

We lose so much when we lose our built history; this sort of erasure disconnects us from place, from experiencing our lives within the longer, larger context of the city’s history. It becomes easier to shirk responsibility for one’s part in making the city what it is – because we have less and less to connect us to it. The new doesn’t speak to longevity, to roots, to commitment (if it falls apart, we just build another one).

I am reminded of these things over an over, as the weeks go by and people continue to come by Boyle Street Plaza and share their stories and memories of the York Hotel, the neighbourhood, the city.

We had a lovely visit with Doug this past Wednesday night – he remembered so much about the hotels and other buildings in the area, the early days of radio and TV in the city, buildings and places all gone or changed or erased in one way or another. It was good to hear those stories, to hear memory of place come to life.

I hope what we are doing here with York:Moments contributes in some small measure to preserving those voices and stories, as so many of the buildings that held this neighbourhood’s history have met – and continue to meet – the wrecking ball.


All images in the post above found at Vintage Edmonton.


The Faces and Stories that make up a city

I was really quite happy to come across a recent news article about the “Faces of Edmonton” project.

The ongoing blog, and the book that came from it is (to my mind) a great way to acknowledge and preserve something of the  human landscape that makes up the life and history of this place.

It presents an opportunity for us to catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror to a certain degree – to remind ourselves how diverse this city is – and that that diversity is something to be celebrated actively. Recognizing all of the ways all the people here contribute to this place helps (hopefully) to take people outside their comfort zones a little, see ‘different’ as less intimidating.

A tool to help us think about the stories we do tell – and those we could tell – about who we are in relation to this place, this city.

Happy Friday, from US to you, Edmonton.



  • Sydney

YORK – Opening soon at MCPAG in Stony Plain AB

A selection of work from the YORK project will be exhibited at the Multicultural Centre Public Art Gallery, in Stony Plain AB:


Please Join us at the opening reception, Sunday August 16, 1- 3:30 pm.

This is an opportunity to see the work that fuels our related project, York:Moments, which is ongoing at Boyle Street Plaza in Edmonton.

Hope to see you in one (or both!) places.

Sydney & Marian