The Countdown Begins … Join Us June 5th!

Very excited for the coming week!

We begin to install the first phase of work for York: Moments on June 1.

And we will be officially presenting this work to the community at the upcoming Quarters Arts Night on June 5! (click the link for all the details!)

Here’s the information on our project:


Y O R K : M O M E N T S 

Our Artists in Residence, Sydney Lancaster and Marian Switzer, will be celebrating the first installation that will launch Quarters Arts Living Local grant project York : Moments.
York : Moments is a collaborative multimedia project using video, photography and public outreach to collect, document and share stories relating to Edmonton’s  historic York Hotel.
Come early to learn more about this exciting project, try your hand at a gel transfer, and learn a little more about our community’s history.


Light refreshments will be provided to our friends and supporters,

come out and share with us!


BUS ROUTES 3 and 5 will bring you a block away from our grounds.

NO ATM ON SITE *** // CASH BAR after 8:00 PM

We hope to see you there!!


Sometimes, it’s all about sore fingers

We’ve been working away this last while on many, many gel transfer prints of images we shot in the York Hotel before it was demolished.

As Marian and I were working at Boyle Street Plaza this past Monday, she decided to post a few pictures of our work … who knew that #sore fingers was a real hashtag!?!?


I thought it was hilarious – although in our case, very true.

Gel transfer printing is a great way to make work – it’s (relative to other printmaking processes) simple & fast, and I personally love the immediacy of working so directly with the image. Even though it all begins with a photo, printed on a laser printer, the process itself is completely hands-on, low tech.

image6 image7

And that’s where the sore fingers come in … all those bits of paper pulp to be removes to reveal the print beneath!

Here’s some “action shots” of us working on a couple of images. It gives you some idea of what we’re up to:

image9 image8

We’re having a great time, and the Muck n Guck Room at Boyle Street Plaza is a beautiful space to work… and it was such a lovely day, we had the doors open to take in all of that fresh air and sunshine!

image2 image1

And in case you want to stop by …

You’ll find us at Boyle Street Plaza on Mondays between 12 and 4, and on Wednesday evenings from 7 – 9. Drop by for a free coffee or tea, and come have a chat with us!


It seems like a long time ago that the York Hotel was torn down, but only in some ways. I find the more I work with the history of this place, with the fragments of stories we found in those walls, the more the place continues to live for me.

I hope that’s something that we can bring to the neighbourhood – and the city as a whole: a sense that history is a breathing, vital thing. That it needs to be nurtured and that stories need to be told and kept in the community mind, in order for a neighbourhood to have a sense of itself.

We are what we say we are; we become the stories we are told and tell ourselves. That means  telling the good and the bad, telling so we can understand the how and why of change.

The York (National, St. Petersburg, Petrograd, New York) Hotel had a long history. Yes, it had all those names over the years … and meant many, many different things to the countless people that came and went through its doors. Some came for a short time; some made it home.

A long and storied life, that changed dramatically (but DIDN’T end) when the place was torn down.

I was referred to this time lapse video footage of the building’s demise by Chelsea Boos and Lori Gawryluik; it’s a telling reminder of just how fast things can change, and how fragile this city’s heritage is, and continues to be.

I’m hoping we’ll here many satires as the months pass and this project continues to take shape.



Exciting News for YORK: Moments!

We have received some fantastic news from the Edmonton Heritage Council!

The YORK: Moments project is being supported by a Living Local grant through the Heritage Community Investment Program.

We are looking forward to working with a heritage practitioner to help preserve some of the area’s history for future generations – and to meeting community members whose stories, images, and memories of the York Hotel make up a vital, important part of the fabric of the neighbourhood, as it was and as it will be in the future.

So, with our thanks, we would like to acknowledge that YORK: Moments is supported by the Edmonton Heritage Council , Edmonton Arts Council, and Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.







St. Petersburg Hotel – York Hotel (10401 96 Street)

This is a great blog for anyone interested in the changing face of Edmonton, and the built history that is being lost. Highly recommended!  In this post, a history in pictures of the York Hotel. Many moments, all witnesses to change.

#LostYEG: Lost Edmonton

Circa 1910s

Google Streetview

Circa 1924-33

A13747 - National Hotel - 10401 96 Street - ca 1924-33

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery


 1915 Henderson Directory Occupants & Workers


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