We have been working away the last while in the studio and darkroom, and at the computer … reviewing and selecting images from the photo shoot, deciding on the best methods to present what we have gathered, printing samples … . Talking a great deal about how to translate/convey/make accessible what we saw and experienced at the York to the wider world through this work.

In many respects, this project is all about space: how we perceive it, factors that limit it, the emotional and psychological needs inherent in having some/enough of it, how we occupy it and ‘own’ it (or not), how we protect it, how it is defined (by us or others).

I have often quipped about my penchant for squares and circles (sometimes it feels almost obsessive, my need to recapitulate these forms in my work). Only really half joking, I’ve said a number of times that I like those two shapes because I perceive them as essentially democratic. Any point on a circle is equidistant from the center; the corners of a square extend into space to the same degree. That is, inside and outside exist in balance – an equal exerting of pressure and influence, if you will. Perhaps this is why I cannot make any work for this project that uses these forms actively.

3 x 12 VER mirror with lights Comet

YORK is not about democratic space – not at all.

IMG_3218WEB – sydney